How to Install Lightroom Presets


How to Install Lightroom Presets

Step 1: Download the Presets

When you receive the email from the lovely people at Logosignature®, (don't forget to add us to your whitelist) it will be in zip-file format. Click on the download button which will save the file on your computer; normally all downloads will end up on your hard drive in the download folder but if you have specified a different location then retrieve it from there.

Step 2: Unzip the Files

Double-click to unzip if you have a MAC or If you have a PC: Right-click and then click “extract all”. Save it to a familiar folder on your device; although these presets will be moved to the application location which will run the presets we recommend you to keep a back-up copy just in-case.

Step 3: Finding the location where the presets will need to be installed

Launch the lightroom application. If you have a PC: Edit > Preferences. If you have a MAC: Lightroom > Preferences.logo for photographers

With the preferences window open, select the Presets tab and in the location section, untick the box labelled ‘Store presets with this catalog’.

install lightroom presets - photographers logo

Next, click the ‘Show All Other Lightroom Presets’ button which will open the Adobe folder on your computer. From the large list of folders here, you will need to select and open a folder which is named ‘Lightroom’. From here, you are required to open another folder which is called ‘Develop Presets’. This is the destination folder we need for our next step.


Step 4: Paste in the Presets

As mentioned previously, we recommend you make a copy instead of moving the files you received in step 2 so that you have a back-up, then paste them here. If you have saved other presets in the past, you will see them here also. If not, then the only other folder you will see at this location will be called ‘User Presets’.


Step 5: Close and Re-Open Lightroom

In order to begin using your new and wonderful presets the application needs to be closed and re-opened for successful installation.

Step 6: Start Using the Presets

Once you have completed step 5 and lightroom has been reopened, click on the develop tab. On the left of the application you will see presets; click on this and a drop-down menu will appear listing all the current presets installed. Your new presets will be below the standard LR presets.





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