Logo for Photographers


Logo for Photographers


Almost everybody can take photos. But not everybody can be a photographer. The reason for this is that there is much more to taking photos than just pointing a camera in a certain direction and clicking the shutter button. Photography is just like any other art; it requires extensive practice to master and there are a large number of variables (for example lighting and composition) which need to be considered and accounted for in order to capture the perfect shot.


When something requires a highly tuned skill and a considerable amount of effort to create, artists feel inclined to somehow mark their achievements, to distinguish their work from the rest. They do this by creating something called a signature logo.


This practice is far from new, famous artists have been doing this for over a millennium. In fact, many of them believed that their signatures were part of the artistic process as they were all beautifully hand-scribed back then, making them truly unique and sometimes even unforgeable. Most photographers nowadays however prefer the easy, lazy but quick way to mark their work. They do this with boring and common fonts that can be created by anybody using very accessible programs/software.


An example of an illustration generated by a popular font generating program can be seen below:

logo signature

Now this logo looks really nice, but unfortunately when you never experience the best of something, then what you think is good is really in fact just average when comparing to something of superior quality. The following image is an authentic hand-drawn logo signature that is specifically designed for a professional photographer.


photographers logo



This is the exact same name – Flynn Houghton as used previously. You do not have to be an expert calligrapher to conclude that the latter is the more fancy and far better looking of the two. It is just no comparison in terms of presentation and quality.


Looking at another example using the name Josuah Bishop, the computer generated font would look something like below:


Josuah Bishop

And again, the following illustration is in a different class all together:



logo signature


So now that we established that hand-drawn signature logos are visually more appealing, what does this translate to? Well immediately, your potential customers will regard it as high quality, expensive, niche, increasing the perceived value of your brand which will enable you to ultimately land bigger and better clients.


A good logo will complement a good photo, an ugly and cheap-looking logo will negate a remarkable photo because it will draw the viewers’ attention away from it. Nobody will take your work seriously if its rushed and without detail.

We are all guilty of judging a book by its cover. And big clients will be inclined to do this more often. Sometimes in this highly competitive market you will only get a few seconds of a very big clients’ attention. You will almost certainly lose them with great big walls of text even if it is engaging. The only failsafe way this can be done is through visual means. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” definitely holds some truth in this instance. A very artistic, unique hand-drawn signature logo will certainly leave a more memorable impression on any viewer, even if it is for only just a few seconds.


Let’s take a look at a very likely scenario:

You catch the attention of your primary audience. Now if your target audience is a big and successful company, then chances are they will have very little time to waste. They will be constantly bombarded by your competition and it will be almost impossible for them to spend the time to carefully review everyone equally. So, your pitch needs to be something special, it needs to stand out and be original. Who wants to see the same thing over and over again? That will become boring very fast. Your only solution to win them over is not only with a fantastic photo but with an equally fantastic logo signature which complements it perfectly.


Okay so again I will reiterate, hand-drawn logos are much more appealing and professional looking verses its counterpart and also it is much easier and faster to get the message across. But what else… what other benefits can be obtained by the use of a professional hand-drawn logo signature? Well if we stopped here then we will be certainly missing something very important. Something that is not really very apparent but is very common in today’s competitive market; your brand.


Branding is everywhere. I know I said it wasn’t really apparent but what I really mean is that a lot of us overlook the way many brands dominate our lives. It is right in our faces from the time we wake up; mattress and quilt brands, alarm clock radio or watch brand, clothes, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brushes and combs, cereal brands, coffee brands!!! Well you get the picture, all the way until we go to sleep. Do not worry, I do have a point, and it is this.


Let’s imagine there is a really talented photographer who does a lot of work, this equates to this person taking thousands of photos to complete just a few jobs where he then selects the best of the lot then submits it to his/her employer for approval. He builds up this portfolio and may acquire a lot of recognition locally. Many of the photos that are not considered are perhaps thrown on the web for royalty purposes and in the hope of landing more clients. Now if the photographer is smart, he will make sure to include his logo or signature on his work, why? Well to build his brand of course. As with many products and services, branding is absolutely necessary if it is to be highly successful.


Think about it for a second, if I was to throw thousands of photos on the internet without any markings or identifiers it may spark some interest here and there. Some clients may end up contacting you if they see some nice photos on your website if you have one. But the majority of your work will be lost in space, swallowed by the vacuum we call the world-wide web. You see the problem is, most of the time, your photos might appeal to some clients but not others. By adding your very own unique signature logo, they will always lead back to you, whether it be in a week’s time or after a decade, or even a century.

But it is not as easy as just slapping a marking on your photos and that’s it, they need to be memorable, catchy, impressive because people forget very easily when something is mundane, ordinary and repetitive. A series of great photos is not enough to build a brand that will be successful and well known throughout the world. You need to imprint it in people’s minds and for that to happen, the photos need to be consistently good and the brand needs to also be wow. I promise you then, when people keep seeing these amazing photos popping up throughout there routinely schedules with your great-looking brand all over it, subconsciously they will warm up to it. And They will remember you when they are asked to scout for gun-photographers.

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