Customer Reviews



Absolutely delighted with my new signature logo. You guys rock!

Adam Walsh - VIC, Australia

Just received my logo in the mail today and I only ordered it yesterday! Now that is what I call great service!

Aisha Wyatt - QLD, Australia

Was not completely happy with the first version i received so i contacted the Logosignature team and after a very fast response was able to tell them what changes i would like done. they immediately sent me the revised signature which was absolutely perfect; its exactly what I was after. Thank you so much! Brillant service and very helpful.

Alex Smith - WA, Australia

Did not think I really needed a logo signature, was pretty content with my old logo that had my name printed under it for many years but i was intrigued by logosignature when I saw someone I knew with it on their work and I am not going to lie, I was pretty jealous. So when I ordered mine, I opened up my email and was blown away! What a difference it made! To think after all those years of sabatoging my work with that other crap!

Andrew Parker - VIC, Australia

Have not experienced better customer service than these guys. I know I might be annoying sometimes but I am not happy unless every little detail is perfect; these guys were very patient with all my requests and even though I had like numerous requests, I think it paid off because my signature looks amazing, just look at it!

Anthony Tran - NSW, Australia

My signature logo was worth every penny. Shortly after I began using it on all my photos I began landing not only more customers but those clients were much bigger than usual.

Ashlyn Hart - QLD, Australia

My photographer mentor pushed me to purchase this logo signature and I was reluctant at first but after seeing it on my photos, I now I know why he is my wise and trusted teacher

Bella Samuel - SA, Australia

I just wanted to improve the look of my photos. I felt that my old logo was dragging my work down. What I did not expect is that my work was suddenly attracting more attention... Just coincidence? Maybe, but unlikely since it has only started to occur a few weeks after applying my new signature logo and it has been 3 years since I started taking photos professionally.

Bret Davidson - NT, Australia

Was such a pleasurable experience with dealing with the team at logosignature. I kind of feel special because they assigned 2 people to do my signature because I specifically asked them for 2 completely different variations so I could choose the best one I liked.

Casey Jorden - SA, Australia

Very impressed with the skills of the guys at Logosignature, I have purchased from other stores and was sorely disappointed. Now I will use this logo forever on my photos, bravo and thank you.

Evan Adams - WA, Australia

I always struggled to get high-paying customers and never understood why. Getting my own custom logo signature not only improved the look of my photos but starting getting me better paying customers. I now realise how important branding is to being successful in the photography game. Highly recommend this to all photographers!

Ivy Hansen - NSW, Australia

My logo signature is fantastic, very well-done guys!

VIC, Australia


QLD, Australia

Check out my new signature! Cool right?

WA, Australia

My branding just got a much-needed make-over

VIC, Australia

My branding just got a much-needed make-over

VIC, Australia

I can’t stop looking at my new signature logo; I love it!

NSW, Australia

Logo Signature produces such quality work; this is my second order and it just keeps Getting better and better!

QLD, Australia

Logo signature products are much suited to me because I don’t like my brand to be the same as everybody else’s. I am unique and different; it is important that my clients see this and with my logo signature they can.

SA, Australia

I am so glad I purchased my new logo signature; you will be too.

SA, Australia

Just got my wonderful signature. I thought Logo Signature was for photographers only at first but it is not. It is a service which helps promote all professionals including myself.

SA, Australia